August 7th, 2017

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. I took a much needed break from site development, but i'm back

I'll post the results of the previous event once the next update is ready

Don't forget that using the 'BOARDS' link on the community page will take you to a fully functional forum using the Sonic Adventure browser

I'd like to know what events everyone wants to see, so reply to my thread on the forum and give me your nominations

In the meantime I've added a Score Attack challenge as Sonic in Lost World, a special Chao will be awarded to first place. And added the E-102 menu DLC on the 'GIFT' page



April 2nd, 2017

Happy Spring everybody,

The Dreampipe Spring seasonal event goes live today!

This event includes:
- Three brand new World Rankings contests from 4/2-6/2
Sonic - Sky Chase Act 1 - Score Attack
E-102 - Windy Valley - Score Attack
Tails - Windy Valley - Time Attack

- For the first time in nearly 17 years, the Knuckles\Mystic Ruins DLC event is being ranked. All credit goes to Jial for restoring this function!

- A brand new VMU game is up for download, Zombie: Player vs. Monster
Be sure you remove any Chao files from VMU before downloading!

- The Dr. Robotnik menu theme DLC is up for download on the new "Gift" menu option

- There may even be DLC prizes for the rankable events!

The Tails\Casinopolis event has concluded and the results are in

Tails -  Ring Hunt - Casinopolis
1.) Joshua: 151 Rings
2.) Itsthinkingstill: 127 Rings
3.) Dan: 120 Rings

No prizes this time, maybe there will be downloadable prizes in the future

Other very recent and important updates:

- The Chao Daycare has been restored! You can now share your Chao online and download other Chao submissions

- There is a brand new mode for World Rankings, "Ring Hunt", as the name implies, you will be ranked based on the amount of rings you collect

 - Posting on Dreampipe BB has been fixed for Sonic Adventure, this restores the "Boards" option in the Community section. The Sonic Adventure BB has also been reskinned to look like this site


Have Fun! Keep checking back for new events